Teacher training courses

Postgraduate teacher training courses are available across England, led by universities or schools. The course you choose will depend on your subject, degree class and location. Whichever course you choose, your training will largely be the same. If you don't have a degree, you can gain a degree and qualified teacher status (QTS) together on an undergraduate course

All teacher training courses will offer

  • qualified teacher status (QTS), which is needed to teach as a qualified teacher in England
  • plenty of classroom experience in at least two schools – a minimum of 24 weeks of school experience 
  • training to meet the Teachers’ Standards, which will include classroom management and making your subject accessible to your pupils 
  • expert academic and practical guidance from mentors and tutors who are there to help you succeed 

Most courses will also offer a postgraduate qualification, usually a Postgraduate Certificate in Education - speak to your chosen course provider(s) to find out what qualification their course offers. 

Funding your teacher training

Alternatively, you could earn a salary while you train

Finding the right teacher training course 

When you apply for teacher training 2019 the UCAS application fee will be £1. When you apply, you have three choices for teacher training providers. It’s a good idea to use all three choices; the more flexible you are, the more likely it is that you’ll secure a place. Applications are now open - read our guide on making a successful application.

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