If you have a degree

If you have a degree, or you’re currently studying for one, there are different routes you can take to getting qualified teacher status (QTS). You need QTS to work in the majority of schools in England including state maintained primary, secondary and special schools.

We also have information for international students who want to apply for teacher training.

Study for a PGCE or PGDE

You can study for a PGCE or PGDE (an academic qualification) with QTS at a university. Most of the time you will be in schools on placement but there is some academic learning. Courses typically take one year but you may be able to study part-time.

Fees for full-time courses are usually around £9,250 but you can:

Fees are higher for international students.

You should check the fees for a particular course you are interested in with the course provider.

Training with a school or groups of schools (fee paying)

There are different programmes that focus on training you while you teach in a school:

  • School-centred initial teacher training (SCITT)
  • School Direct (fee-funded)

SCITT programmes are delivered by a network of schools, providing school-based training. You won’t be paid a salary while you are training and will pay fees.

School Direct (fee-funded) programmes are delivered by groups of schools in collaboration with a SCITT or university. The content and structure of a School Direct course is broadly similar to a SCITT course and they don’t pay you a salary.

Some SCITT and School Direct (fee-funded) programmes give you a PGCE or PGDE in addition to QTS. Courses typically take one year but you may be able to study part-time.

Fees are usually around £9,250 but you can:

You should check the fees for a particular course you are interested in with the course provider.

Earn a salary while you train

These courses are usually only suitable for specific candidates, for example, some are for people who already have relevant teaching experience or are already working as unqualified teachers. You will be able to find out more about eligibility from the training provider. You may be able to study part-time.

School Direct (salaried)

If you have the right experience, School Direct (salaried) give you QTS with many courses also offering a PGCE or PGDE. It takes a year to complete.

Find postgraduate training to be a teacher, including School Direct (salaried) courses(opens in new window)

Teach First

Teach First is a 2-year programme leading to a PGDE and QTS. At the end of your first year, you will have QTS. The PGDE is awarded at the end of the second year.

Find out more about Teach First(opens in new window)

Find your course

You can search for postgraduate courses that lead to QTS (not including Teach First).

Search for a course

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