Fees and financial support for non-UK trainee teachers

The information on this page is for:

  • non-UK citizens living in the UK
  • non-UK citizens living outside the UK
  • Irish citizens

Most non-UK citizens will not be eligible for financial support from the UK government to help with teacher training.

Some support may be available if:

 Teacher training fees

Teacher training fees for non-UK candidates vary between training providers.

Fees cost:

  • an average of £14,765
  • a maximum of about £36,000

Most non-UK candidates will not be eligible for financial support to help with fees.

You’ll also have to cover your living costs.

Financial support for Irish citizens or those with settled status

Irish citizens or non-UK citizens who have settled status may be eligible for:

How to apply for student loans, bursaries and scholarships.

Salaried teacher training courses

Non-UK citizens can apply for a salaried teacher training course. On this type of course, you will not pay a fee, and you can earn money while you train in a school. However, these courses are limited in number and very competitive.

You will also need a visa or immigration status allowing you to work in the UK.

Find teacher training courses(opens in new window).

Bursaries and scholarships for non-UK trainee languages and physics teachers

There are 2 types of financial support you can get if you’re interested in training to teach languages or physics:

  • bursaries worth up to £28,000 for languages and physics
  • scholarships worth up to £30,000 for French, German, Spanish and physics

You cannot receive both a bursary and a scholarship.

Bursaries and scholarships are tax-free payments from the UK government that you do not have to pay back. They are paid to you by your teacher training provider.

If some, or all, of your training fees are due in advance, your training provider may let you use a bursary or scholarship to meet these costs. Contact them to check.

You should also be able to use eligibility for a bursary in your visa application as proof that you have enough money to support yourself.

You do not need to pay an agent or any other third party to access a bursary or scholarship. Any agency or person offering to help you access a bursary may be fraudulent. Avoid and report internet scams and phishing(opens in new window).

Learn more about bursaries and scholarships for physics and languages.

How to apply for student loans, bursaries and scholarships

To start your application for student loans, you need to have chosen your teacher training course, but you do not need a confirmed place.

Check your eligibility and apply to Student Finance England(opens in new window) for:

  • tuition fee loans
  • maintenance loans to help with living costs
  • extra help if you have a disability, children or an adult dependant

If you’re eligible for student loans, you’ll also usually be eligible:

  • for a home fee rate

  • for bursaries in the subjects offered to UK citizens

  • to apply for scholarships

Talk to your training provider about the home fee rate, bursaries and scholarships.

Get help

Student Finance England(opens in new window) has a dedicated service for EU students and for EEA citizens working in the UK.

The UK Council for International Student Affairs(opens in new window) offers advice to international students about what financial support may be available.

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