Assessment only route to QTS for unqualified teachers

If you’ve worked as an unqualified teacher, you may be able to get qualified teacher status (QTS) through an assessment only programme.

If you already have QTS, find out how you can return to teaching(opens in new window).

What is the assessment only route to QTS?

You can take the assessment only route to QTS if you already meet the standards for qualified teacher status, so do not need any further training.

Instead, you will undertake a series of assessments. This may include lesson observations, providing a portfolio of evidence to show you meet the teachers’ standards, or written assessments. This will vary by your provider.

The assessment programme takes up to 12 weeks.

How much does assessment only QTS cost?

Fees range from about £1,500 to £4,000, but vary between provider so it’s best to check with them for more information.

Fees may be paid by you or your school at the start of the programme. If you’re currently working in a school, talk to your employer about your funding options.

Eligibility for assessment only QTS

To be eligible, you need (all of the following):

  • to be able to show you meet the teachers’ standards(opens in new window) without any more training
  • to have worked in 2 or more schools
  • a degree
  • GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above in English and maths (and science if you want to teach primary)

Specific entry criteria may vary by teacher training provider. You should ask them about eligibility before you apply.

Are teaching assistants eligible?

If you’ve worked as a teaching assistant, it’s unlikely you’ll have the experience required for assessment only.

There may be exceptional cases where teaching assistants have worked for a significant amount of time (at least 2 years) independently teaching classes and may be eligible.

Talk to your provider about whether your experience makes you eligible for this route.

Or, find other ways you can train to be a teacher.

Are non-UK citizens eligible?

If you’re a non-UK citizen, you should contact training providers who assess international teachers.

None of the other UK regional or national providers can help with non-UK enquiries. Please do not contact them if you are not in the UK.

Assessment only training providers by region

East of England

Name: Fiona Manby
Telephone: 01268 477611 (extn 471)

Name: Educate Group HQ
Telephone: 01978 281881

Name: Emma Day and Sarah Sloper
Telephone: 01268 988580

Name: Jacqui Waring
Telephone: 01603 773708

The Pilgrim Partnership

Name: Bev Collier
Telephone: 01234 907896

Name: Jackie Atkin
Telephone: 01234 907896

East Midlands

CfBT Education Trust SCITT

Name: Julie Woolley
Telephone: 07919 568841

Name: Educate Group HQ
Telephone: 01978 281881

Name: Nicki Shore
Telephone: 01522 889297

Name: Admissions team
Telephone: 0115 848 4200

Name: Kate Martin
Telephone: 01327 350284 ext. 251

University of Northampton

Greater London

Name: Isabella Mora
Telephone: 020 8807 6906

Name: Lynsey Salt
Telephone: 020 7717 2245

Name: Marcus Bhargava
Telephone: 020 8417 4766

Name: Maria Dominguez
Telephone: 020 7133 2983

Name: Andrew Read
Telephone: 020 7815 5444

Middlesex University

Telephone: 020 8411 5555

Name: Elizabeth Jackson
Telephone: 020 8240 4326

Name: Saskia Rossi
Telephone: 020 7932 1126

Name: Jo Fogg
Telephone: 020 3740 1808 (option 1)

Name: Bryce Wilby
Telephone: 020 8223 6372

University of Greenwich

Name: Enquiry Unit
Telephone: 020 8331 9000

North East

Durham University

Name: Educate Group HQ
Telephone: 01978 281881

Name: Jill Wilkinson
Telephone: 0191 5153099

North West

Name: Karen Craven
Telephone: 0161 973 1179 (ext 2289)

Name: Educate Group HQ
Telephone: 01978 281881

Kingsbridge EIP SCITT

Name: Gail Thomson
Telephone: 01942 510712 ext 500

South East

Canterbury Christ Church University

Name: Keith Saunders
Telephone: 01227 925555

Chepping View Primary Academy SCITT

Name: Hayley Rouse
Telephone: 01494 535564, option 3

Name: Joanna Jones
Telephone: 01483 888070

Name: Krissy Taylor
Telephone: 01252 900550

Oxford Brookes University

Name: Lorna Shires

Surrey South Farnham SCITT

Name: Eukaria Finch
Telephone: 01252 717408

Name: Katy Field
Telephone: 01280 852039

Name: Kate Martin
Telephone: 01327 350284 ext. 251

Name: Bethany Kelly
Telephone: 01280 820222

Name: Sarah Hand
Telephone: 01908 533284

Name: Mike Lambert / Diane Carr

West Berkshire Training Partnership

Name: Emmeline Bird
Telephone: 01635 42155

Name: Joanna Crome
Telephone: 01932 578682

South West

Bath Spa University

Name: Darren McKay

Name: Julie Walker
Telephone: 0300 123 1967

Name: Carrie McMillan
Telephone: 01392 686165

Wessex Schools Training Partnership

Name: Claire Porter
Telephone: 01202 662038

West Midlands

Name: Programme Leader
Telephone: 0121 331 4627

Name: Educate Group HQ
Telephone: 01978 281881

Name: Jayne Bartrop
Telephone: 01782 295977

The OAKS (Ormiston and Keele SCITT)

Name: Rob Tweats
Telephone: 01782 734332

Name: Sean Bates
Telephone: 0121 607 1930

Name: CTE Admissions and Enrolment Team

Name: Su Plant
Telephone: 01952 200000

Yorkshire and the Humber

Name: Educate Group HQ
Telephone: 01978 281881

Name: Emma Worrincy
Telephone: 0113 487 1777

Name: Admissions
Telephone: 0113 283 7123

North Lincolnshire SCITT Partnership

Name: Vicky Crossley
Telephone: 01724 297119


Name: Andrew Locke
Telephone: 020 3194 3200


Teachers outside the UK who do not have a teaching qualification, but meet the eligibility requirements for assessment only QTS(opens in new window), can apply to be assessed by an English teacher training provider.

You will not have to visit or train in England. However, you will need to be assessed at your place of work by an examiner from your teaching training provider. Your teacher training provider can explain what type of school you must be working in to undergo assessment only QTS.

Fees may be substantially more than £4,000 if you’re outside the UK. Check with individual providers for more details.

Assessment only training providers cannot give you advice about:

  • finding a teaching job in an English school
  • other routes to QTS, including Apply for QTS in England
  • applying for a visa to work or study in the UK

Learn more about working in England if you’re a teacher from outside the UK.

Apply for QTS in England

Teachers outside the UK with a teaching qualification may be eligible to apply for QTS in England(opens in new window).

Learn more about the qualifications and experience you’ll need to get QTS(opens in new window) using this service.

Assessment only training providers for non-UK citizens

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