As an international candidate you’ll be welcomed by many teacher training providers in England.

Train in England and you’ll graduate from a world-class institution, with qualifications recognised around the world.

Not looking to train in England? Consider training in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

What you need to start training

To start postgraduate teacher training in England, you need:

A university degree

Your degree can be from outside the UK.

If you do not have a degree yet, you can apply to an undergraduate teacher training course instead of a postgraduate course.

English and maths qualifications

You usually need the equivalent of a GCSE (grade 4) in English and maths.

To teach children aged 3 to 11, you also need the equivalent of a GCSE (grade 4) in a science subject.

Help with international qualifications

If your qualifications come from a non-UK institution, your teacher training provider may want to see a ‘statement of comparability’ showing their equivalence to UK qualifications.

Call us on 0800 389 2500 for:

  • guidance on the UK equivalents of your qualifications
  • a free statement of comparability from UK ENIC once you’ve submitted your application, if your provider asks for this

An offer to train

Explore different ways to train and consider whether you want do a training programme which leads to qualified teacher status (QTS). QTS allows you to apply to all teaching jobs in England.

Fees may be higher for international trainees but you may be able to get financial support.

Contact providers before you apply to get their advice about eligibility and the application process.

The right visa or status

You need to get the right visa or status to study in the UK.

You usually need a confirmed offer on a course to apply for a visa.

If you’re an Irish citizen you do not need a visa.

To pass certain checks

Your training provider will check you’re suitable for teaching in terms of your health, whether you’re safe to work with children and your level of maths and English.

Get a teacher training adviser

You can get an adviser for one-to-one support. They can give you practical advice and guidance at every stage of your application.

Get an adviser

Apply for a place

Find a postgraduate teacher training course

Or search for an undergraduate teacher training course.

If you cannot come to England

You do not necessarily have to be in England to study with an English institution. You can do an international Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCEi) outside the UK.

A PGCEi will help you develop your teaching skills and knowledge.

However, it does not lead to ‘qualified teacher status’. This means you will not be able to teach in the types of schools which require qualified teacher status.

Get support

Get in touch with the international teacher recruitment team at We aim to respond within 5 working days.