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  1. My first week as a trainee teacher

    Published 17 September 2021
    By Cindy Ventura

    Trainee teacher Cindy Ventura wearing a red polo shirt

    Cindy recently started the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) teacher training course at Sheffield University. She kept a diary during her first week on the course and shares her experiences here.

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  2. The benefits of the Teachers' Pension Scheme

    Published 10 August 2021
    By Get Into Teaching

    A photograph of a blank whiteboard and coloured marker pens

    A teaching career offers a range of benefits including a secure pension that will help you save for your future. Here are six things that you need to know about the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

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  3. Abigail's career progression story

    Published 5 July 2021
    By Get Into Teaching

    A photograph of Abigail Beeley in a classroom

    Abigail Beeley is a maths teacher at St John Fisher Catholic High School in Wigan. After achieving promotions in her NQT year and her third year of teaching, she has recently been appointed as Head of Maths six years into her career. Here, she shares her career progression story.

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  4. Top tips for returning teachers

    Published 15 June 2021
    By Get Into Teaching

    A photograph of a calculator and maths worksheet

    Do you already hold Qualified Teacher Status? Bring your valuable experience back to the classroom with help from the Department for Education.

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  5. How to find school experience

    Published 22 April 2021
    By Get Into Teaching

    A photograph of a school playground

    Experiencing life in a school and a classroom can help you to decide whether teaching is right for you.

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  6. How to ace a video interview

    Published 6 April 2021
    By Anna Shirley

    A photograph of Sheffield SCITT communciations manager, Anna Shirley

    From logistics to presentation, Sheffield SCITT communications manager Anna Shirley shares her top tips for video interviews.

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  7. Overcoming challenges to become a teacher — Autism

    Published 22 March 2021
    By Felix

    A photograph of a school playground with children playing

    Felix offered to speak to Teacher Training Adviser, Jane Wilkinson, about the challenges faced by someone who lives with additional needs and their progress towards achieving the dream of becoming a teacher.

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  8. Why I became a teacher

    Published 1 February 2021
    By Giorgio Rubbo

    A photograph of biology teacher, Giorgio Rubbo

    Giorgio Rubbo talks about what inspired him to become a teacher, his application process, concerns he had, and why you should become a teacher if you're thinking about it.

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  9. How to apply for teacher training

    A step-by-step-guide
    Published 25 January 2021
    By Get Into Teaching

    A stock photograph of someone filling out an application form

    From effective preparation, to submitting your application, we’ve broken down the whole process into manageable steps, so you can see exactly what’s involved.

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  10. How to fund your teacher training

    Published 6 November 2020
    By Get Into Teaching

    A photograph of a teacher teaching physics

    There are plenty of funding options available to support you during your teacher training year. You can access Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans regardless of whether or not you have an existing student loan and you will only begin to repay these once you're earning more than £27,295.

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  11. What to expect on your teacher training

    Published 6 March 2020
    By Jan Ashbridge

    A photograph of a seminar room with an instructor at a whiteboard and students sat around a table

    A university-based PGCE year is an exciting, challenging and exhilarating one — a real roller coaster of an experience. Find out more about what you can expect on your teacher training course.

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