Important Changes to the Professional Skills Tests

Professional Skills Tests have been replaced with provider-led assurance for all new entrants into teacher training from 1 April 2020.

Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers will assure a candidate’s fundamental English and mathematics either before or during their course. This applies to all routes into teaching.

The Skills Tests Test centres closed permanently on 24 June 2020. 

Trainee teachers who are ‘deferred for skills test’ started their training between 2001 and 1 July 2013, but have not been recommended for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) because they have not passed Professional Skills Test. If these trainees still wish to be recommended for QTS they must take an alternative route into teaching.

This can be any currently recognised route that leads to QTS (e.g., Assessment Only, PGCE with QTS etc.) Their ‘deferred for skills test’ status will be disregarded and they will be recommended for QTS based on their success in the new route they have taken.

Teachers who completed training between May 2000 and April 2001, were awarded QTS but have not completed their induction because they did not pass a Numeracy Skills Test are no longer required to pass a Numeracy Skills Test as part of their induction. If they have successfully completed all other elements of their induction, they may contact the Appropriate Body which can decide if they have satisfactorily completed other elements of their induction. If they have not completed all other elements of the induction, they can continue with their induction without the need to pass a Numeracy Skills Test.

If you have passed your Skills Tests in recent years but have lost the certificates issued to you at the time and require proof of your passes in both literacy and numeracy, please contact

If you are due to start your ITT course, please contact your ITT provider regarding the assurance of your functional English and mathematics skills.  

STA marking scheme error

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) has identified an error in the marking scheme for one of the literacy skills tests for teacher training. They are aware that this has caused at least a small number of candidates to fail when they should have passed.

Candidates who the Standards and Testing Agency know have failed their literacy test due to the error will be contacted.

If you have taken a literacy skills test since 2014 and would like to check if this issue has affected you, you can contact the skills test helpline by emailing