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Teaching in England offers a wealth of opportunities and rewards to enable you to build a stimulating and successful career. Additionally, during your teacher training year you could get a tax-free £25k bursary, and a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England. Under current rules, EU nationals can access this support if you've resided in the European Economic Area or Switzerland throughout the three-year period before the start of the course. 

Read our short summary, below, on preparing for teacher training. Remember to register with us for support throughout your application to teacher training. You could even get your own personalised adviser, through our free Premier Plus adviser service, to support you throughout your journey into teaching. 


Check your qualifications 

The minimum requirements for teacher training in England are that you hold a degree and high school qualifications in maths and English (and science, for primary trainees only), which should be UK equivalent to a GCSE grade C.

If all or part of your qualifications are from outside the UK you should contact the schools or universities you would like to train with, as they make the final decision if your qualifications meet the minimum requirements -  you may be asked to formally recognise any overseas qualifications through a NARIC check.

From October, you can search for local schools and universities through UCAS Teacher Training.  

Financial support during your training 

There has been no change to the rights and status of EU nationals, as we approach leaving the EU. This means EU nationals applying for teacher training in 2018/19 will still be able to access tax-free bursaries or scholarships, and a tuition fee loan – find out more. The post-exit position of EU nationals living in the UK has been set out in this announcement, published on 26 June 2017, in the expectation that the EU will offer reciprocal treatment for UK nationals resident in its member states.

There’s a wide range of funding available to support you during your training in England:

The financial support from a bursary will depend on your degree classification, which can be checked by using the overseas degree equivalency table, and your nationality or residency status. 

Explore your teacher training options

There are two routes into teaching school- or university-led teacher training. You should start exploring the different routes available to get an idea of which one may suit you. 

To maximise your chances of success, use all three of your options when you apply and choose a mixture of university-led and school-led courses. You can then make a final decision based on your interview experience as to which course is right for you. 

School experience 

It’s important you gain some school experience in the UK this will not only support your application, but will help you decide if teaching is for you. We can help you gain your school experience

Increase your subject confidence 

Once accepted on a training course, you could access help to refresh your subject knowledge or teach another related-subject via a funded subject knowledge enhancement course

Apply and take the skills test 

UCAS Teacher Training is the application service for teacher training, and you use their website to apply. Applications for teacher training to start in September 2018 open in late October, but there's plenty you can do now to prepare - read our tips on applying for teacher training. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll also need to take the skills test

After you qualify as a teacher you’ll be in demand, particularly if you train to teach languages, computing, physics, maths, biology, geography or chemistry. Remember to register with us, you could receive support throughout the application stages with your own personal adviser.

 If you have any further questions, please contact our dedicated team on Freephone 0800 085 0971. 



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