School Direct (salaried)

If you're a graduate and have been working for around three years, School Direct (salaried) courses are available exclusively for you. On this school-led option, you're selected directly by the school or partnership of schools you apply to – and you'll earn a salary during your training. Schools recruit you as a trainee with a job in mind just for you.

School Direct (salaried) courses normally take a year to complete. This is a great choice if you want to stay in the world of work, as you’ll be employed as an unqualified teacher during your training while you learn ‘on the job’. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be thrown straight in at the deep end or expected to work things out for yourself.

As a School Direct (salaried) trainee, you’ll be surrounded by experienced teachers and mentors to support you from the start. The school you’re with won’t ask you to teach classes unsupported until they think you’re ready.

The principles of academic rigour on School Direct (salaried) are the same as on university-led courses, too. Most School Direct courses also include a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) and/or master’s-level credits – you can check the exact details of individual courses on the UCAS teacher training site.

The amount you earn will be dependent on the school you train in and the subject you’re teaching. This year, a number of schools are offering an enhanced salary (Excel, 57KB) of up to £25,000 to trainees in maths, physics and computing.

In some cases, schools can decide to accept applications from high quality candidates with less than three years’ work experience. Please ask the schools you are interested in applying to about their recruitment arrangements.

To find out more, you can speak to a Teaching Line adviser on Freephone 0800 389 2500.

Earn over £21k (£25k in London) as a trainee maths, physics or computing teacher on School Direct (salaried)

Your fees will be paid in full on a School Direct (salaried) course.


Find out about the support that you’ll receive on a School Direct course from both primary and secondary trainees. Transcript (PDF, 47KB)

I have regular one-to-ones with my mentor, which provides an invaluable opportunity to review my progress and experience.

Stephen Mitchell, School Direct (salaried) trainee

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