Setting your password

When you create a profile on this site, you need to enter a password that you’ll use each time you log in. This password must contain at least seven characters, including at least one number and at least one letter.

Successfully setting a password

The Get Into Teaching site enforces the following password stipulations:

  • your password must be at least seven characters long and include at least one number and at least one letter – for example, sjp4u8xr
  • passwords on the site are case-sensitive
  • passwords can include symbols, but these are not a requirement

Setting a strong password

For the best protection of your personal data, you should set the strongest password possible. That’s why we advise the following:

  • the letters of your password should not form a dictionary word in any common language
  • do not use personal information – for example incorporating your postcode, telephone number or name into your password
  • avoid well-known substitutions such as o = 0, i = 1, e = 3, a = 4, or s = 5 etc – for example, fr3ind5 (‘friends’ misspelt) would be a weak password
  • do not place a single number at the end, so use nhz2juw or nhzju2w, not nhzjuw2
  • your password should be significantly different from previous passwords
  • don’t let your browser remember your password for you