Ukrainian teachers and trainees coming to the UK

The Department for Education (DfE)(opens in new window) supports and encourages Ukrainian trainees and teachers seeking teacher training places and jobs.

We can help if you’re interested in teaching children aged 5 to 18. If you’d like to teach other age groups, try teaching in a university(opens in new window) or teaching in further education(opens in new window).

General information

If you’re coming to the UK from Ukraine, check what you need to do before you travel and what to do after you arrive(opens in new window).

Get an international relocation payment (IRP) worth £10,000

To be eligible for the IRP, you must be a teacher coming to England to teach languages or physics in:

  • the 2023 to 2024 academic year (which runs from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024)

  • the 2024 to 2025 academic year (which runs from 1 September 2024 to 31 August 2025)

Learn more about the IRP.

Visas giving you the right to train to teach or teach in England

You already have the right to train or work as a teacher in England if you’re in the UK on (one of the following):

You’re also eligible to apply for financial support if you choose to train to teach.

If you’re not sure of the status of your visa, check:

If you’re already in the UK under a different type of visa(opens in new window) (for example, a visitor or seasonal worker visa) you can apply to the Ukraine Extension Scheme(opens in new window).

Staying in the UK long-term

If you’re interested in working as a teacher and applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK(opens in new window), you should consider a skilled worker visa(opens in new window).

Time spent in the UK under the skilled worker visa counts towards an application for permanent residence. You’ll still need to meet the eligibility requirements for this type of visa. You can apply for a skilled worker visa whichever type of visa you currently have allowing you to stay in the UK.

Safeguarding and criminal records checks

Schools will assess your suitability to teach from a range of different sources, including:

  • 2 references from previous employers
  • your complete employment history
  • evidence of your professional standing in Ukraine – for example, documentation from the Ministry of Education and Science(opens in new window) showing you are qualified and have no sanctions against you as a teacher
  • a criminal record check

Teacher training providers will ask for:

  • evidence you have a bachelor’s degree from a university (non-UK or in the UK)
  • a criminal record check

You can apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine(opens in new window) for a criminal record check, which will be emailed to you. You can then contact the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK(opens in new window) for a translation of the criminal record check and a letter confirming its validity.

Your professional qualifications

UK ENIC can give you a statement of comparability(opens in new window) showing how your academic and professional qualifications compare to their English equivalent. However, you’ll need scans or photographs of your original documents.

Train to teach in England

Train to teach in England as a non-UK citizen gives information about:

  • the qualifications you’ll need to apply for teacher training

  • how to apply

  • help you can get with your application

If you intend to apply for teacher training, you could consider finding work as a teaching assistant(opens in new window) to gain experience until your teacher training course starts.

Fees and financial support

Ukrainian refugees in the UK under a Ukraine visa scheme have access to the same financial support as UK applicants. This means you’ll:

If you’re not in the UK under one of these schemes, find out about switching to a different type of visa so you can train to teach. Not all visas will give you the right to apply for a student loan.

Teach in England

If you’re already a qualified teacher, you do not need to retrain to get a job as a teacher in England. However, you’ll need:

English qualified teacher status (QTS)

Teach in England if you trained outside the UK gives information about:

  • how teachers who qualified in Ukraine can apply for English QTS without further fees or training

  • finding a teaching job in England

  • life as a teacher in England

Meeting the standard for written and spoken English

If you’re in the UK under a Ukrainian visa scheme and aged 19 or over, you’re eligible for funding to study an English for Speakers for Other Languages (ESOL) course (as well as other educational or training courses).

Find your local authority (‘council’)(opens in new window) and then search their website for ESOL courses. Or, search for courses using the National Careers Service(opens in new window).

You can also learn English with a private provider. Well respected English language courses include:

Assessment only QTS

If you find you do not meet the eligibility criteria to apply for QTS, you could consider assessment only QTS. This means you can work in an English school and, alongside your job, apply to an English teacher training provider who will assess if you meet the standards for English QTS.

Check with assessment only training providers for more information about eligibility.

Other ways to get teaching work and experience

Supply teachers(opens in new window) fill in when schools are temporarily short of staff. Register with a supply teacher agency for short-term roles in school.

Find your local authority (‘council’)(opens in new window) and then search their website for teaching roles.

You could also consider teaching assistant(opens in new window) and education support roles. It can be helpful to gain experience of the English education system before you apply for teaching jobs. Teaching Vacancies(opens in new window) lists these jobs.

For a short-term unpaid placement, you can get school experience in a primary or secondary school in England(opens in new window).

Salaries and benefits

Your salary as a teacher will depend on whether you have QTS, your level of experience, your school and your location.

Move to the UK if you’re coming from Ukraine(opens in new window).

Welcome guide for Ukrainians in the UK(opens in new window).

Ukrainians in the UK(opens in new window) – an online encyclopaedia.

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)(opens in new window) – including a list of Ukrainian community schools in the UK(opens in new window).


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