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Laura Hurn

I have been a business studies teacher for 8 years, after a career in the retail industry. I loved the excitement of retail, but the chance to educate children to become whatever they want to be was just really appealing.

Being able to make a difference to individuals' lives, rather than being motivated by pounds in tills, is really satisfying.

Business studies equals life skills

Business studies is just as important as the core subjects, because it equips students with the necessary skills for a future in any kind of job. And with such a wide variety of business-based university courses and careers available, the importance of teaching business studies at school is greater than ever before.

The great thing about the training is the amount of time I’ve been able to spend with the class and the amount of control I’ve had. I’ve been able to make my own decisions and see where that takes me. Being in charge of a class allows you to be really hands-on.

As a business studies teacher, you’ve got the flexibility to ensure that the curriculum matches the needs of the students.

Proudest moment

I have seen some of my pupils go on to specialise in finance, human resources, and marketing. But my proudest moment as a teacher came when I helped a particular student who really struggled, but we worked together and I supported him, and he ended up securing a B. When your students achieve something, that’s when teaching is so rewarding.

But the rewards don’t stop there. It’s a subject that lets young people see where they could be in the future. You find that a lot of students are already interested in business, so it’s just about putting the other pieces of the jigsaw in around that.

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