Stories about returning to teaching

Getting back into the classroom

Jill Mundy, maths teacher
After 15 years away from teaching, Jill Mundy decided that it was time to revisit her first passion and re-enter the teaching profession. Read Jill's story on how it was possible to return to the classroom with the support of the Return to Teaching Adviser service.
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Top tips for returning teachers

Image of school childrenHelen Watkins, part-time teacher
After taking over a decade out to focus on her family, Helen Watkins started looking to return to teaching on a part-time basis. Here, she shares her top tips for getting through the job application process as a returning teacher.
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Returning to teaching with international experience

Image of ShaunShaun, returning teacher
Shaun returned to the UK in 2017 after teaching abroad for a number of years. Read Shaun’s story on how his international experience benefitted him as he looked to return to the classroom.
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