Stories about making a difference

As a teacher, you can make a real difference to young people’s lives, as well as your own. Find out how these teachers are helping pupils realise their ambitions, and enjoying every moment.

Help young people make the grade

Sandra, head of RESandra Macfarlane, head of RE
Head of RE Sandra remembers the teachers that went that extra mile to help her get the most out of school. She now relishes the chance to do the same for her own pupils, including helping one GCSE student to achieve a confidence-boosting A*, when they’d started out with an initial target of a D grade.
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Inspiring pupils with computing

Tarik Reghif, career changerTarik Reghif, career changer
Self-described “geek” Tarik travelled the world through his work and passion for computing. But making the switch to a career in teaching has given him a sense of drive and purpose like never before. Find out how he’s switched his focus from customer satisfaction, to inspiration.
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Leading students towards a successful future

Laura Hurn, business studies teacherLaura Hurn, business studies teacher
Laura used to work in the retail sector, but decided to switch her motivation from “pounds in tills” to making a difference to young people’s lives. In her eight years as a business studies teacher, she’s seen pupils go on to succeed in a variety of industries – and her proudest moments have come in helping struggling students meet their potential.
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The ever-changing classroom

Gavin McIntyre, assistant headteacherGavin McIntyre, assistant headteacher
Gavin was inspired to get into teaching by thinking back to how his own A level teachers helped shape his future. The ICT Learning Co-ordinator and assistant headteacher stresses that as a teacher you never stop learning and have to keep developing your style – but the rewards of doing so are immense.
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Turning a tough lesson into a success

Danny Holliday, physical education (PE) teacherDanny Holliday, physical education (PE) teacher
As a PE teacher, Danny can find his students don’t always share his passion for all kinds of sports. Find out how he uses behaviour management skills to keep pupils engaged, and won over a class of reticent rugby players to build their interest in the game. 
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Broadening horizons through travelling and teaching

Craig Cairns, primary teacherCraig Cairns, primary teacher
Craig’s London school partners with a school in Sierra Leone, giving him the chance to travel and teach in a very different environment. He’s also used his holidays to travel and make a difference working on overseas projects. Combined with his work at home, he says this makes teaching “the best job in the world”.
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