A physics teacher demonstrating how gravity works by juggling balls at the front of the classroom.

Engineers teach physics

Physics initial teacher training courses for
  • engineers
  • material scientists

The classroom needs you

Continue your engineering career by getting into the classroom and use your skills and passion to inspire the next generation.

We need more physics teachers. Without them children are missing out on the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world around them. Engineers bring a unique and innovative perspective into the physics classroom, helping to explain big things to young minds.

We want to train a diverse range of physics teachers who can pass on their knowledge in exciting and interesting ways to inspire the engineers of the future.

Engineering the future

Engineers and physicists help find solutions to some of our biggest problems. From climate change to next generation prosthetics, we need their problem-solving skills and creative thinking to help us survive some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced.

The more great physics teachers we have in the classroom today, the more children will grow up inspired to become the physicists, engineers and physics teachers of tomorrow.

Engineers teach physics training programme

This programme is based on the physics initial teacher training (ITT) course, and has been developed with support from the physics and engineering community. It has been adapted to help you make the transition from engineering or material sciences to teaching physics. The course is designed to capitalise on your experience and empower you with the skills needed to become a great physics teacher.

If you’re concerned about how well you know physics as a subject, do not worry – you’ll be able to do a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course that will provide you with the training and support for any gaps in your knowledge.

Your training provider may offer part-time teacher training courses.

You'll also be invited to an annual community day and have the opportunity to network with existing physics teachers.

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What you'll learn

On this initial teacher training (ITT) course, you’ll:

  • learn more about the curriculum you’ll be teaching
  • develop your existing physics subject knowledge
  • gain valuable classroom experience

How we can help

If you would like more information about the course and application process, you can talk to a teacher training adviser for free. They can help you to:

  • understand more about the course
  • make an application
  • prepare for your interview

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My engineering degree provided a natural transition to teaching physics and I value the way science – especially physics – teaches a clear thought process and a way to make rational sense of the world.

Roger, physics teacher

Fund your teacher training

Scholarships of £30,000 or bursaries of £28,000 are available for trainee physics teachers starting their teacher training course between September 2024 and July 2025.

Find out about your eligibility for bursaries and scholarships.

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