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There are plenty of great ways to make a difference by getting into teaching. How you go about it will depend on your personal circumstances, qualifications, and the subject and age group you want to teach.

If you want to train as a primary or secondary teacher, you can explore your options using the boxes below.


As a teacher, you can use your passion to inspire the next generation and make a difference. Use this section to find out more about the different subjects you can teach.

Secondary subject options

Because you’ll be teaching your subject from key stage 3 right through to A level, you’ll get to see pupils’ understanding develop over the years you teach them. You may also be eligible for a tax-free scholarship or bursary to support your training – even if your degree isn’t in the subject you want to teach.

Priority subjects

These secondary subjects are particular priorities, so attract additional support and higher levels of funding. Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses are also available for eligible candidates who want to enhance their knowledge so that they can teach a priority subject.

Training options

Whether you’d like your training to be led by a school or a university, there’s a training course available to suit you. Explore this section to find out which is the best fit for you.


There’s lots of support available to help fund your teacher training, including tax-free training bursaries. What you’re eligible for will depend on your degree class, course, and subject.

Primary funding options

​Tax-free bursaries are available for trainee primary teachers with a 2:1 or above, with higher financial incentives if you want to train for a primary maths specialism and have a 2:2 or higher. If you’re not eligible for a bursary, you can still access standard loans and grants to cover your tuition fees. Your training provider will make the final decision on eligibility for financial support, so it’s worth asking what might be available to you before you apply.

Secondary funding options

​The subjects that attract bursaries and scholarships are listed below. If you are not eligible for this support, you can still access standard loans and grants to cover your tuition fees. The schools and universities that lead teacher training make the final decision on trainees’ eligibility for financial support – so it’s worth asking what might be available to you before you apply.

Upcoming events

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  • Newcroft School Direct briefing

    08 October 2015 AT 18:00

    If you are interested in becoming a primary school teacher come along to our briefing to hear about the opportunities we are providing to achieve qualified teacher status (QTS), PGCE accreditation and 60 master credits.

    Loughborough Open
  • School experience day – Wildern School

    09 October 2015 AT 09:00

    Developed through years of collaboration with our partnership schools, colleges and universities, the Wildern Partnership SCITT offers a school-based, high-quality, cross-phase and coherent training programme, which is continually developed to your individual needs.

    Southampton Open
  • The University of Winchester undergraduate and postgraduate open day for 2016 entry

    10 October 2015 AT 09:00

    This event is for those interested in studying an undergraduate degree at the University of Winchester starting in September 2016.

    Winchester Open
  • University of Cumbria Open Day

    10 October 2015 AT 09:30

    Our open days offer you a chance to find out more about what it is like here at the University of Cumbria.

    Carlisle Open