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Make a difference every day and you could get a tax-free £25,000 bursary or apply for a £27,500 scholarship from the British Council, to train as a languages teacher. There’s even support in place before you apply - when you register with us, you'll have access to free tailored advice from a teaching professional throughout the application process. The most popular languages taught in schools are French, German and Spanish. If you’re a non-UK EU national, read our helpful summary on preparing for teaching - you could receive a tax-free bursary or scholarship to train as a teacher.

Applications for scholarships are now open

The government is committed to increasing the proportion of pupils gaining language qualifications, to do this there is a need for more languages teachers. Additionally, for schools to enter and achieve the English Baccalaureate, pupils will need to study a language GCSE. So, as a languages teacher you'll be in demand. 

Teaching languages introduces pupils to other cultures and improves their communication skills.  A language GCSE can also give them an edge when applying to study a wide range of degree courses at university. In addition, languages will prepare them to compete in a global jobs market. In fact, around three quarters of employers responding to the CBI’s Education and Skills Survey 2015 said they needed their employees to have some foreign language skills.

So as a languages teacher you’ll not only be providing pupils the chance to become fluent in another language, you’ll be providing them a solid platform from which they can succeed in life.  

On top of the job security and satisfaction, teaching languages also offers a competitive starting salary of at least £22,467, or £28,098 in inner London and a diverse range of opportunities for rapid career progression.

Enhance your subject knowledge 

Last year nearly 40% of trainees in eligible subjects completed additional subject training to enable them to start teacher training. If you don’t have a languages degree, or need to refresh your knowledge, you could complete a fully funded subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course before you start your training. During the course, you could get a SKE bursary of up to £2,400 for a shorter course of 8-12 weeks and up to £5,600 for a 28-week course – find out more

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