Training to teach chemistry

Because teaching chemistry requires great talent, the rewards are equally brilliant – you could be eligible for a generous training bursary of £25,000 or a prestigious £27,500 scholarship. In addition to the tax-free financial support, our teaching experts will answer all your teaching-related questions and help you throughout your application – when you register with us

Applications for teacher training are open

As a core subject, schools require high-quality chemistry teachers. So there’s never been a better time to use your skills and knowledge in chemistry to inspire young minds. The popularity of this subject is firmly established:

  • more students are seeing the real value of taking chemistry, which is why GCSE uptake has risen this year
  • it’s become increasingly popular with A level students too – with the proportion of pupils opting to study chemistry rising year-on-year

Once you qualify as a chemistry teacher, you’ll get a competitive starting salary of at least £22,467, or £28,098 in inner London. You'll also have lots of opportunities for rapid career progression and pay increases.

Your training will prepare you for a number of classroom scenarios – from learning how to introduce students to atoms, elements and particles, to demonstrating impressive chemical reactions safely. While being surrounded by a team of mentors and tutors, you’ll become a confident and inspiring teacher.

At the end of successfully completing teacher training, you’ll gain qualified teacher status (QTS), which is needed to teach as a qualified teacher in England.  Additionally, all university-led courses will offer a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE), and so do most school-led courses - you can check if a course provides a PGCE on UCAS Teacher Training.

Enhance your subject knowledge 

Last year nearly 40% of trainees in eligible subjects completed additional subject training to enable them to start teacher training. If you don’t have a chemistry degree, or need to refresh your knowledge, you could complete a fully funded subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course before you start your training. During the course, you could get a SKE bursary of up to £2,400 for a shorter course of 8-12 weeks and up to £5,600 for a 28-week course – find out more


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