Training to teach primary as a PE specialist

By specialising in PE as a primary school teacher, you’ll play an important role in the development of how the subject is taught in your school while also delivering high-quality lessons across the curriculum. 

The benefits

when you register with us, you’ll receive practical advice and guidance from our team of experienced teachers via our free Teacher Training Adviser service  

Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan to cover tuition fees and help with living costs, this is irrespective of receiving these loans during your undergraduate degree 

extra financial support if you're a parent or have a disability, which doesn't need to be paid back 

What you need to know

As a PE specialist trainee, you’ll learn how to teach a diverse range of physical activities and team sports safely. It’ll be your responsibility to instil confidence in every child and give them an enthusiasm for exercise, regardless of their natural ability. But your training won’t just set you up to be an authority in PE.

You’ll also learn how to teach to a high standard across the primary curriculum, introducing the basic concepts of each subject to ensure pupils succeed in secondary education.

Once you qualify, you’ll start on a salary of at least £25,714, or £32,157 in inner London. As your career progresses, so will your salary – more information on teachers' pay ranges can be found on the teachers' salary page.

Additionally, teaching offers access to a wealth of other benefits – from a generous pension to enjoying the flexibility of school holidays, up to 13 weeks, which are unique to the profession.