Building the confidence to teach

Mia Webb, maths teacher

Trainee teacher Mia Webb tells us how subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) opened the door to a career teaching maths.

While researching and planning for her new career, trainee maths teacher Mia realised she’d likely need to complete an SKE course as her degree wasn’t in her chosen subject. The ensuing support she received through SKE proved invaluable, helping her to increase her subject knowledge and build up extra confidence to teach the subject.

If you’re given the opportunity to complete an SKE course, you should definitely take it.

“It helped me refresh my maths knowledge, and it really helped having the extra help and guidance,” she explains. “But it also gave me a new perspective – it taught me the difference between knowing the syllabus as a student and as a teacher. It also helped me understand how children learn in different ways and gave me the skills and understanding to be able to meet their individual needs.”

If, like Mia, it’s been identified that you need to undertake SKE, then this will form part of your conditional offer of teacher training. Not only could you be eligible for a bursary while doing your SKE, you could also pick up a wide range of teaching tips, which will ultimately help with your training year and your career.

“If you’re given the opportunity to complete an SKE course, you should definitely take it,” says Mia. “The course gives you a vantage point and it provokes you to start thinking like a teacher when you refer to the syllabus. I received some great advice and information that I will be using directly when I teach a class of my own. One tip I’d give is to use all the resources you get on the course and gather a pack for yourself – so you can then refer back to it when you need some inspiration during your own teaching.”

If you think you could benefit from an SKE course, please contact your chosen teacher training provider(s) for more information before applying.