Further education teacher training

If you’re interested in Further Education (FE), there’s plenty of support and opportunities to bring your skills and experience into this dynamic and varied career. As an FE teacher, you’ll be improving your students’ qualifications, future job prospects, or simply satisfying their desire to learn something new.

Financial incentives

FE teacher training bursaries and grants are available for academic year 2020/21.

Bursaries from £26,000 to £12,000 are available for computing, maths, engineering (and/or manufacturing), science (including biology, chemistry, or physics), SEND or English pre-service (pre-employment) FE teacher training. More detail, including on eligibility, is available from the bursary manual.

Grants of £18,200 are available for English, maths or SEND in-service (employed) FE teacher training. More detail, including on eligibility, is available from the grants manual.

Other support & opportunities available

  • Support from our dedicated team via 0300 303 1877 or visit the FE Advice website for more information 
  • You could gain qualifications as you teach, whether or not you already have a degree

Get free support from the FE Advice team

What you need to know

FE caters to a wide range of learners of different ages – from 14 to adult – who are gaining a variety of qualifications, ranging from basic literacy and numeracy to higher-level apprenticeships and technical qualifications, including the new T levels, which are vocational alternatives to A levels.

FE students come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, and may enter FE from local schools, the community, industry or local business. Because there’s no national curriculum for FE, courses are often tailored to meet employer needs and are delivered in a range of different settings – including colleges, community centres and private training providers, as well as the workplace.

For more information, please visit the FE Advice website or phone 0300 303 1877.