Why I chose to teach

Image of Grace, assistant headteacher

Assistant headteacher, Grace Wilcox, talks about her career progression, her motivations, and the pride she experiences daily as a teacher. 

“My own experience of education had a big impact. I had some great teachers, who I still keep in contact with via email. I applied for university because of two specific teachers; my life could have been different without them. In fact, my maths teacher helped me to realise my potential and I successfully applied for a place at Oxford. With the extra time and encouragement she provided, I went from a grade C to a grade A within a year. My teachers were among the reasons I was inspired to teach.”

“Now that I’m teaching, I love the variety teaching brings; no two days are really the same. This includes the many rewards – from seeing those lightbulb moments, to ensuring pupils get back on track.”

“So far I’ve done very well in my teaching career. It is helpful that my school encourages career development and help me to pursue my goals. In my first year, I was a lead maths teacher and took on additional responsibilities, which facilitated my career progression. Currently, I’m an assistant head, which is a position I’ve had for over three and a half years.” 

To those considering teaching, it’s hard work but you have to ask; is there any other career that would be as rewarding? Probably not.


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