What's your learning style?

Everyone has a different style of learning, and if you know how you learn, it’s easier to tailor your revision to prepare for your exams. So, have a go at the quiz below to discover your learning style.

1. Would you rather listen to class lectures, or read over your notes?

A. I definitely prefer hearing my lecturer explain things.

B. I need to see the words in front of me to remember things.

C. Neither. I learn by doing.

D. Both. I need to listen to the lecturer and then read over my notes to remember things.

2. How easily can you memorise dance moves?

A. Fairly easily. I use the music to help me memorise the steps.

B. I need to write down all the steps in order to memorise them.

C. Very easily. I only have to run through the routine a couple of times.

D. Not very easily and it takes me a while.

3. Can you remember the exact lyrics to songs?

A. Of course! I know the words to every song when I’m out with my friends.

B. I can after watching a lyric video. It helps to see the words in front of me.

C. I remember them better when I’m dancing to the song.

D. No, I can’t.

4. How organised are your notes after a lecture?

A. I don’t take notes because I prefer to listen in a lecture.

B. Mine are always in order.

C. Mine are a bit of a mess.

D. I only take notes after doing something interactive or physical.

5. Where do you learn best?

A. In a big class listening to a lecturer.

B. Somewhere quiet like the library where I can sit and read over my notes. 

C. Outside of the lecture when I’m on a trip and actually experiencing something. 

D. With a group of friends. 

6. Do you use charts and graphs to help you revise?

A. I don’t really like them because I usually need someone to explain them to me.

B. Yes. I really like to see information mapped out.

C. No. I don’t really understand things when they’re displayed like that.

D. I only use them when I’m revising with friends and we’re discussing them.


Mostly As 
Mostly Bs
Mostly Cs
Mostly Ds