Transforming a hobby into a full time career

Image of Claire scholarship trainee

You don’t need a computing degree to apply for a computing scholarship or teacher training. Claire Wicher, a psychology and criminology graduate had plenty of ‘hands-on’ experience and proved that she had the knowledge and passion to teach computing.

“Many people might not consider applying for a computing scholarship because they have no formal computer science education or qualifications, but, like me, they might have plenty of practical experience. I wasn’t even sure that I’d be accepted onto a teacher training course. My degree was in psychology and criminology, but I taught myself to code and dabbled in hardware and web design in my own time. I also have a list of computer science related volunteering experience.

I did worry that my lack of formal computing education meant that I wouldn’t be up to the standard expected in the theory side of computing. However, when you apply to teach, no one is expecting you to be an expert in all areas right away.

There’s always the opportunity to complete a subject knowledge enhancement course to help refresh and increase your knowledge. I’m also thankful that there are many continuous professional development opportunities in computing. I’ve taken full advantage of my local Computing at School Hub and their events, and other events such as Exabytes and Cyber First Defenders. These are fantastic not only for upskilling, but also for meeting other teachers and building up your own support network.

For me, I wouldn’t have been able to make the career change had it not been for the scholarship. I’m a little older than some student teachers, I have a mortgage and other commitments. The funding allowed me to have the confidence to leave my job and become a student again for a year, without having to worry financially".

With teaching, I’ve found something that I’m truly passionate about and have finally been able to say that I love my job!

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