How a scholarship helped Kat kick start her rewarding new career

Image of Kat scholarship trainee

With a Royal Geographical Society (RGS) (and the Institute of British Geographers) scholarship and the support of a Teacher Training Adviser, Kat was able to re-train and pursue a fulfilling new career. Here she explains her reason for changing career and the benefits of applying for a scholarship.

"After experiencing a career in marketing I realised that I needed a job that was challenging, interesting, and rewarding. For me teaching fit the bill perfectly!

 I chose to train as a geography teacher as my undergraduate degree was in geography. As a discipline, geography does a lot more than just teach children about the world; aside from a range of transferable skills, it nurtures wider cultural understanding and a sense of empathy in students.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded a geography scholarship. The application was very similar to applying for teacher training, and so was the interview. The scholarship itself has been a huge help financially, whilst the additional training and resources provided by the RGS have been invaluable in my training year.

The teacher training so far has been incredible: I’ve had very supportive and inspiring mentors, who’ve really helped to guide me through becoming a great teacher. I love knowing that every day will bring a completely new challenge; no day is the same in teaching! It’s wonderful being able to share the enthusiasm that I have for my subject with hundreds of young people every week, and to be able to share in their successes in geography.

Before applying, I’d suggest you make the most of the free support that’s available through the Get Into Teaching website. The service provided all of the information that I needed about teacher training, and even put me in touch with an experienced teacher, offering advice as I went through both the teacher training and scholarship application."

I’m now confident that I’ve found a career that’s engaging, fulfilling, challenging, and genuinely fun!

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Don’t forget to register with Get Into Teaching, as we can support you throughout the application and answer all your teaching-related questions.