Enhance your leaning opportunities with a scholarship

Image of Becky scholarship trainee

Becky Price funded her training with additional financial support available from a languages scholarship. Read Becky’s journey - from deciding to become a teacher and being awarded a scholarship, to the joys of teaching. 

“My decision to teach was confirmed when I went into my local secondary school to observe Spanish lessons. I was delighted to see how engaged and excited students were about their learning. They clearly had an excellent relationship with their teacher who spoke Spanish for a good part of the lesson and used humour as a strong tool for behaviour management. The effective use of IT amazed me, as did the confidence and articulacy with which many students spoke to me about their learning. Chris, the teacher, skilfully used a range of activities as well as ensuring that students were developing independent study skills and resilience.

My languages scholarship application was completed online and was similar to my teacher training application. Soon after, I was invited to an assessment day in London to put together a pecha-kuchaa – this was a fast paced, 6-minute slide presentation. I found this creative challenge enjoyable and, if one sticks to the brief, relatively straightforward. After presenting, I had an individual language interview with the British Council - this was friendly and relaxed.

Linguists love to talk and discuss, so the additional money provided by the scholarship supported this and my professional development during my training year. I attended the London Languages Show, enabling me to listen to Dr Rachel Hawkes, a huge figure within the languages teaching community. I was also able to meet and chat with other scholars and compare our teaching experiences. In the spring, I travelled to Leicestershire for the Association of Language Learning Language World Conference. 

Now that I’m teaching it’s great to see students engaged and inspired, one such example is seeing de-motivated year 8 and 9s doing competition translation and students who are normally totally disengaged put up their hand and ask for a word in French in order to beat their peers. Recently, I overheard a student tell a friend ‘OMG I’m not going to fail French anymore’. That was nice to hear and very motivating".  

If you enjoy languages and like young people – teaching is for you.

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