Making your mind up with school experience

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If you’re undecided about teaching as a career, you may want to get school experience via our ‘Get School Experience’ service. Hannah, now a maths trainee at St. John the Baptist School, used school experience to do just that. She explains what the process involved and what she learnt.

“My school experience was a day of observing lessons in a school, and spending time with teachers and pupils. It’s a great opportunity to experience what it would be like to be a teacher and to help you to decide whether teaching is right for you,” Hannah says.

“Enrolment was online and easy. While searching for schools I noticed my local school was offering school experience in maths, so I requested a day’s observation with them.”

The duration is flexible, and the days you can observe will be negotiated by you and the school. “After my initial day’s observations, I was even more convinced that I wanted to teach, so to make sure, I arranged further school experience days with the school,” Hannah explains.

Hannah has nothing but praise for the insight it gave her: “Everyone was so welcoming and friendly at the school, and it was great to have the chance to observe lessons with students of different ages and abilities.” 

The invaluable experience Hannah gained helped her application and led to a successful interview for her chosen teacher training course. Observing a school day will give you a better understanding of being a teacher and will give you examples of creative and innovative teaching styles.

“It was also useful to speak to teachers who had been in the profession for varying lengths of time, and to get a guided tour of the school from two year 8 students. I spent most of the experience observing lessons, and I also got the opportunity to teach part of the lessons myself!”

"School experience was definitely a turning point for me. If you’re considering teaching, there’s nothing like seeing what the job actually entails to find out if it’s for you. It really is a great opportunity. It also made my application stronger, as I was able to reflect on my school experience, and made me more aware of the qualities and values schools want in potential teachers."


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