Make a difference in Tyneside

There are a variety of teacher training options available in Tyneside. All teacher training courses offer expert academic and practical guidance from mentors and tutors who are there to help you succeed.

Training to teach in Tyneside

Tax-free bursaries of up to £26,000 are available in a range of subjects - find out more about the types of funding available for teacher training.

Whichever teacher training course you choose, you'll get plenty of classroom experience in at least two local schools.

As a newly qualified teacher in Tyneside, you’ll begin on a salary of at least £24,373.

Register today to get free personalised support with your application from an experienced teacher with knowledge of your region.

James' story   

James, teacher
"I always felt like the teachers in the school were always encouraging us. There was plenty of support throughout my training. We were all in it together, and the support from my mentor was invaluable. Whether it was on planning, marking or behaviour management, there was always someone I could speak to."

You can search for postgraduate teacher training courses, filtering by location, training provider and subject, using the Department for Education's search tool.