Make a difference in Gloucestershire

There are a variety of teacher training options available in Gloucestershire. All teacher training courses offer expert academic and practical guidance from mentors and tutors who are there to help you succeed.

Training to teach in Gloucestershire

Tax-free bursaries of up to £26,000 are available in a range of subjects - find out more about the types of funding available for teacher training.

Whichever teacher training course you choose, you'll get plenty of classroom experience in at least two local schools.

As a newly qualified teacher in Gloucestershire, you’ll begin on a salary of at least £24,373.

Register today and you can get free one-to-one support from an experienced teacher who can help you apply for teacher training in your region.

Francesca's story   

Francesca, English teacher
"I had such an enjoyable experience throughout my school life that I wanted to be able to actively play a part in allowing students to get the same joy out of learning. Plus, teenagers are absolutely hilarious and I am definitely learning a lot from them too! I can’t quite explain just how special it is to know that even in the smallest of ways, you are changing lives for the better."

You can search for postgraduate teacher training courses, filtering by location, training provider and subject, using the Department for Education's search tool.