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Stuart trainee teacher

With his professional background in computing, trainee teacher Stuart really wanted to pass on his knowledge to others: “I personally found mentoring and studying in my subject very rewarding and in turn wanted to give back my enthusiasm to new generations of students.” 

And the transition into teaching was made even easier for Stuart with free support from his teacher training adviser. By registering for the service he was offered guidance from an experienced teaching professional throughout his journey into teaching.

“Coming into teaching late, my professional experience didn’t prepare me for the teacher training application process. However, my adviser provided the guidance, support and confidence I needed to make a successful application."

The service will encourage and support you to maximise your potential, so that you can successfully apply for teacher training.

“My adviser was extremely helpful and proved invaluable to me successfully starting my teacher training. From: 

  • reviewing my personal statement 
  • interview techniques - the interview process can feel quite daunting, but my adviser was on hand to provide me with the right skills to prepare
  • help with the skills tests
  • understanding the importance of the two references that were crucial to the success of my application – and answering any other teaching-related queries.” 

“I would highly recommend the Teacher Training Adviser service to anyone wishing to apply for teacher training - having personalised one-to-one advice and expert knowledge throughout the application stages are extremely helpful for successfully applying."

With your dedicated and highly experienced adviser, you’ll receive a programme of tailored support at each stage of the application process. 

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