Teach your language in England

Rachelle Ellis - native languages teacher

Rachelle Ellis, languages teacher, The Compton SCITT Partnership

You could teach your language in England. The authenticity you could bring will not only engage pupils, but also open the door to a new culture and increase their future prospects. Rachelle a languages teacher did just this; she tells us why she decided to teach her language.

“It is the love of my language, and my passion to share this which was the primary driver to teach. Additionally, young people gain considerable awareness of the world and cultures through learning a language – it’s a great way to contribute to broadening their outlook, perspectives and cognitive skills.”

“As a native speaker I believe I’m well placed to communicate the important cultural and contextual aspects of my language, which contributes significantly to their learning experience. I too learnt both Italian and Spanish from native speakers and found this very enriching, as I could understand more than just the language.”

I would not have been able to teach if I hadn’t received a bursary. The bursary is critical to making teacher training possible.

“Teaching is a great career. There’s also a need for language teachers in this rewarding (mentally and spiritually) profession, which attracts the best and brightest from across all disciplines. The students are the best part of the job and going home at night thinking about the impact you are having on the world is a great feeling.”

If you’re interested in teaching French, German or Spanish, you could receive a tax-free bursary or scholarship from the British Council. There’s even support available before you apply, when you register with us