Case study: teaching PE

Danny Holliday, PE teacher

Danny Holliday, PE teacher

Danny was very keen on PE at school, which is where his passion for the subject stemmed from. The main reason he wanted to become a teacher was to have the opportunity to share that passion with others.

Danny recognises that there are a lot of cross-curricular links within physical education. Students cover areas of science, maths and English in the theoretical side of sport, which can boost their enthusiasm for those subjects. “Some students will come in with a real aptitude for sports and some students will not, however, the subject offers equal opportunities and students of all abilities can end up taking a lot from it.”

Danny says behaviour management is key in PE to ensure students get the most out of his lessons. “Teaching a range of abilities is part of the job and I really enjoy differentiating the lessons and challenging the students. The children are competitive by nature, so with certain units of work you are tasked with controlling this.”

As a PE teacher, Danny spends a lot of time with the students outside of standard PE lessons. He helps train the school football and rugby teams and takes them to fixtures, but says the time he devotes to them is worth it when he sees how much they gain from it. “When you see your students winning the league cup in football – or signing up to extracurricular sports that they would refuse to play before you taught them – you know you’re having an impact on them, which makes it all worthwhile.”

Although Danny knows there are a whole host of career opportunities available to him as a teacher, he’s happy progressing through his department for now. “There are so many positives that come with a career in teaching PE – I like the variety you get every day and the different teaching environments, because you’re seldom in a classroom.” Although extracurricular commitments are a big thing in PE, knowing that the students are there because they want to be makes it one of the most enjoyable parts of Danny’s job. “Teaching is a very admirable profession and given the right time and right attitude, a career that can be extremely rewarding.”

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