Owen’s rapid career ascent

Owen Mather, Chemistry teacher

Dr Owen Mather, leader of teaching standards  

Just one year after completing his postgraduate teacher training, Owen progressed to head of department – and since then, he has continued to climb the career ladder. Four years later, he is now undertaking consultancy work at various schools, as well as training as a specialist leader of education and leader of teaching standards.

Many aspects of the job attracted him to teaching – particularly the clear-cut career ladder. He explains: “There’s an open field of play, due to the fact that wherever you are, there’s always a school nearby offering opportunities.”

In fact, Owen says his pay has increased since leaving his previous profession as a senior research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. “The salary is much better than most expect. Although you may take a hit when you initially change careers, if you’ve got the skills, you can climb back up quickly. In addition there are opportunities to earn further salary enhancements when you take up additional responsibilities.”

After 5 years of teaching, Owen is now on the leading practitioner salary range, but Owen is most motivated by the ‘light-bulb’ moments students achieve when learning new things, and he especially enjoys results day. “Results day is when you see the outcome of all the teaching and hard work, and seeing the next generation of scientists, engineers and doctors is incredibly rewarding.”

Owen recommends pursuing a career in teaching, particularly because of the amount of flexibility and progression opportunities on offer: “If you can do it, it’s the best job in the world. It’s better paid than most people realise, and most of all, it’s incredibly rewarding. All day, you get to spend time focusing on the subject you’re passionate about and you get to impact the next generation with your skills and enthusiasm.”

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