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From senior associate lawyer to assistant headteacher

Helen Winter, director of teaching school and assistant headteacher 

Helen Winter began her career as a lawyer; however, after re-evaluating her career, she embarked on a journey to transition from lawyer to teacher. With support from her sister, who is a teacher, Helen tested the water by gaining some school experience before making her final decision.

“I was instantly hooked after gaining school experience. The inspirational teachers I saw motivated me; not only did they have the ability to deliver a subject with real zeal and passion but also to develop and ignite curiosity in their pupils. There is no better job satisfaction than watching a child succeed and especially if they have had to overcome obstacles or are lacking in self-belief,” says Helen.

As a teacher, you’ll not only be able to progress quickly in your career, a career in teaching will also provide you with more job satisfaction, this is something Helen agrees with: “It is the only job where I can honestly say you get 100% job satisfaction. It is lovely to watch your pupils grow into young adults and when they receive their exam results, and realise it was all worthwhile, there is no greater pleasure. Being part of helping shape a young person’s future is very humbling as well as fulfilling.”

With various roles available in teaching – there will always be opportunities to progress. As you climb the career ladder, you will also climb the teachers' salary ranges. In fact, Helen is on the same salary as she was as a senior associate lawyer. In addition, Helen’s progression to a leadership group teacher was also ‘rapid’.

Two years after I qualified as a teacher, I was head of a department and learning to learn co-ordinator. The following two years I continued to progress and now I'm the director of teaching school and assistant headteacher. My progression has been rapid -  I’ve been very fortunate to be promoted quickly. If you're passionate and committed, the teaching world is very much your oyster. There are various opportunities to climb the ladder.

“My next step is to apply for deputy headteacher - after that, who knows. It is good to see women in senior positions and I hope to be one of those. However, you must remember that pupils are at the heart of everything we do and that positive thinking and determination can get you anything you desire.”

If you want a career that provides you with job satisfaction and swift progression, register with us to gain personalised support to help with your journey into teaching. 

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