Climbing the career ladder

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Paul Evason, assistant headteacher

As a newly qualified teacher, Paul kept climbing the teaching career ladder – now he’s reached assistant headteacher he shares his story on why he got into teaching and his tips on career progression.

 “I always wanted to work in an environment that was never going to be the same every day – teaching provides this. Working with students and preparing them for their next steps was always a huge draw to the profession. In addition to working with a range of students with different backgrounds and helping them to succeed.”

As a teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to develop to succeed in your career, and realise your professional and personal ambitions. Before Paul was assistant headteacher – he enjoyed a number of different roles learning new skills that would help him to keep on moving forward in his teaching career.

“When I started teaching as a newly qualified teacher, I looked for opportunities to support the school and to enhance my experience. For example, in my first year, I led on re-designing the KS3 curriculum, and in my second year I started to become involved in the school’s virtual learning environment. All of this added to my experience and provided me with plenty to talk about when applying for new roles.”

There are plenty of progression opportunities in teaching – you just have to grasp them.

Now as an assistant headteacher Paul is clear on the next role he would want to undertake: “My long-term plan is to go into headship, but do not want to rush this. I want to be able to experience a range of different areas in schools to ensure that I am fully prepared for the challenges that a headship role will bring.”

As you progress as a teacher, so will your salary - in fact, the average salary of leadership group teachers is £58,881. However, it’s not the salary that motivates Paul but to ensure that pupils succeed in life:  “I feel fortunate to be on the leadership salary, but I don’t do the job for the money – for me it’s about supporting students as a teacher and leader and making sure they achieve their full potential.”