Use your degree and Service experience to teach

Thomas, trainee geography teacher and former Royal Marine Commando

Thomas, trainee geography teacher and former Royal Marine Commando

After graduating with a degree in geography, Thomas joined the Royal Marine Commandos – the Royal Navy’s elite amphibious force operating in the world’s most extreme environments. With 4 years of Service experience, Thomas decided to take his next challenge to the classroom and use his valuable skills to educate and inspire.

“Teaching is a profession I have always wanted to join. Gaining essential life experience was invaluable; not only did I achieve a better understanding of the world, but it has also equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to provide guidance and advice to teenagers”, says the trainee geography teacher.

Now, as he approaches the end of his teacher training course, the ex-marine can’t wait to be in the classroom full-time and keep on sharing his enthusiasm. “An outstanding teacher will always exceed expectations by passionately delivering interesting and exciting lessons.”

Thomas’s skills extend beyond teaching the curriculum. His experience has also helped him develop extracurricular opportunities in the schools he’s trained at. His military background was perfect for running the Duke of Edinburgh Award and organising ‘Fitness Friday’ where pupils learned correct exercise techniques and healthy eating.

“The unique expertise acquired from my military background offered a range of specialist interests that has aided the development of pupils I trained with. Teaching has also given me the opportunity to positively contribute to the people-centred culture of the school, as well as the key values of mutual respect and enabling pupils to realise their potential personally and socially, not just academically.”

As he nears the end of his training, Thomas encourages other Service leavers to follow his lead. “Our experience has taught us determination, adaptability, fortitude, courage and leadership skills. These qualities are ingrained in us and will allow us to become effective teachers and mentors.”

If like Thomas you have an undergraduate degree, you can use the unique qualities taught from being in the Services to teach. As you can receive tax-free financial support, the financial incentives make the transition easier than ever before.