Sharing your knowledge with others

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Amy Salwey, career changer 

After graduating, Amy built up an impressive CV that included being a chief financial officer and accountant. With plenty of life and work experience, Amy decided to use her knowledge and skills to break down the perceived barriers around the subject she loves the most: maths.

“Maths has the unfortunate reputation of being difficult and lifeless. I want to raise its reputation by inspiring young minds to find the fun in discovering maths’ unique characteristics,” says Amy. “When I made the decision of a career change, I knew I needed to be doing something which could provide some type of service for the greater good. I wanted a career that would inspire me and motivate me to be at my best, a career which gives back to the soul,” says Amy.

This is the main reason Amy chose teaching, in addition to remembering her own teacher’s comment that has stayed with her for 40 years: “We should not keep knowledge to ourselves; we should share this knowledge to others.” 

“Recently, I was explaining a difficult maths concept, where I nearly exhausted every different method of explanation,” Amy says. “All of a sudden I heard a river of the same comment flowing from each and every pupil: ‘Oh, I get it now.’ It’s instances like this that make me proud of being a teacher.”

Like many others, Amy had initial concerns about becoming a teacher. “I had several concerns before applying; would I have the time to be a good parent and train in a new and demanding career, and would I be able to teach an entire classroom?”

However, with the support and training from her school and mentors, these concerns soon faded. 

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