Helpful information and resources

To help you better prepare for a career in teaching and improve your chances at an interview, these resources will provide you with helpful information on topics ranging from the Teachers' Standards and the curriculum, to work the sector is doing to tackle unnecessary teacher workload.

Teachers' standards

Review the Teachers’ Standards – these define the minimum level of practice needed to achieve qualified teacher status. Additionally, they are also used to assess the performance of all teachers with qualified teacher status.

National curriculum

Get an overview of the national curriculum – it covers what subjects are taught and the standards students should reach in each subject. 

Classroom best practice

The Department for Education is working with the profession to reduce unnecessary workload on teachers, so you can concentrate on teaching and your development. Three independent teacher workload review groups were established and schools have been using the published reports - on marking, planning and teaching resources, and data management to improve teachers' workload. You can also use these materials, during your training year and when you qualify as a teacher.

Read these practical examples illustrating the ways in which schools are tackling teachers' workload.

Other helpful information