Crafting an outstanding personal statement

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We caught up with Preeti Sagoo, a trainee teacher from Leicestershire Secondary SCITT, who explained how she approached writing her personal statement. 

Preparation is the key

“Start by brainstorming all the elements about your character and experiences that will capture the reader’s attention. Make sure you list qualities that make you interesting and inspiring. This will help provide a checklist for the proofreading and re-drafting stage.”

What to include

“Make sure you clearly demonstrate an awareness of how your degree relates to the national curriculum, and show you can impart your subject knowledge through this.

“You should also include all your school experience and explain how the experience has been beneficial in informing your decision to become a teacher. In addition to this, explain how the skills you have learnt so far have provided you with a foundation for your future development in pedagogy.

“This will demonstrate you are already starting to become a reflective practitioner, which is something most providers will be looking for.”

Make it stand out

“Schools and universities will be looking for certain attributes which will be mentioned in their marketing material, so ensure you refer to these in your personal statement.

“Think about what distinct qualities you can bring to the table that will make you an amazing teacher. Your personal statement should convey energy, enthusiasm and passion for teaching.

“Ask yourself, does your positive philosophy for teaching come through strongly enough in your personal statement? Schools will want to see you as creative, imaginative and forward-thinking. Do not be afraid to illustrate that you are determined and committed to becoming an outstanding teacher who will educate and inspire.” 

Be yourself

“A personal statement is clearly a very personal piece of writing and although there are many resources available, the best tool is you. Be true to yourself, and the ability and confidence to articulate your personal statement will come naturally.”


Remember, your personal statement is the heart and core of the application. It is important to take the time and effort to think carefully about how to define and describe your career journey, as well as your personality and reasons for wanting to enter the teaching profession. Good luck! 

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