Applying through UCAS

When you’re ready to apply for a training programme, you do so through the Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS for short) Teacher Training website. UCAS is the application service for teacher training in schools and universities in England and Wales*.

When you apply, you have three choices for teacher training providers. It’s a good idea to use all three choices; the more flexible your are, the more likely it is that you’ll secure a place.

There’s no pressure to complete your application all in one go. You can save your progress and continue at any time. Remember many popular courses fill up fast so to stand the best chance of securing a place at your chosen provider you should apply as early as possible. Read our tips on what you should do to prepare yourself before applying.

The application process has two phases – Apply 1 and Apply 2.

Apply 1

You must use ‘Apply 1’ first (from 9 October 2018), which allows you to apply to your three preferred training providers in one go. For each option, you can select any combination of route, subject, training provider or age group.

Bear in mind that each of your preferred choices may open for applications at different times. You do have the option to apply for fewer than three courses, but once you’ve submitted your choices, you can only change them once within seven days of submitting your application.

You have another opportunity to apply to any further training providers via ‘Apply 2’ if: 

  • your application is unsuccessful
  • you choose not to accept an offer or interview

When you’re ready to submit your application, you’ll need to pay a one-off fee. If you apply to start teacher training this September, there will be a nominal fee of £1.   

Once you’ve submitted your application, the training providers you choose have up to 40 working days to let you know their decision. UCAS is closed between 24 December and 1 January (inclusive). These dates do not count as working days.

If you’re successful you’ll be offered an interview, at which point you can use our tips on preparing for your interview to get ready.

If a provider offers you a place following your interview, you’ll have 10 working days to let them know if you accept the offer. You can do this via the UCAS website – UCAS will get in touch with the provider to let them know your decision.

If you’re not offered an interview by any of your Apply 1 choices, or you choose not to accept an offer, then don’t worry. You can then move on to the Apply 2 phase.

Apply 2

During this phase you can make an unlimited number of applications, one at a time. If you’re unsuccessful or choose not to accept an offer, you can then apply again to a different course.

You can keep applying until you accept an offer, or the application cycle for the academic year closes. Your training provider has 40 days to inform you of their decision for each application.  

At this stage in the process it’s worth noting that most providers will be opening for their second period of accepting applications, which may be shorter than their first. Make sure you keep an eye on what’s available so you don’t miss your chance to apply. 



*To access a bursary or scholarship you will need to be on a qualifying teacher training course in England. For training in Wales please visit Discover Teaching Wales.