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Get school experience

School experience can help you decide whether teaching is right for you.

Spending some time in a school allows you to:

  • observe a range of lessons and other teacher responsibilities
  • talk to teachers
  • get an insight into day-to-day school life

To find school experience you can:

Many schools offer virtual experience. This could include talking to teachers and reviewing videos of lessons, for example.

Approach schools yourself

Find schools near you and give them a ring to find out who to talk to about getting school experience.

It’s normal to have to try a few schools before you find one that can help.

They may be limiting visitors due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and may need to organise a DBS check.

Be flexible with your availability if possible and persevere with your search.

Maths or physics teaching internships

You may be eligible for a maths or physics teaching internship earning £300 a week if you’re doing a undergraduate degree in science, technology, engineering or maths.

If you cannot get into the classroom right now

Observe teachers’ lessons and analysis of their lessons on the Oak National Academy website.

These videos are not a claim of best practice but can help you get to know teaching better.

Events can also give you an insight into teaching.

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