Further education teacher training

Become a further education teacher

Being a further education (FE) teacher means you’ll teach students aged 14 and above. Further education covers a hugely diverse range of subjects and qualifications.

As an FE teacher, you’ll improve your students’ qualifications and job prospects. You’ll also inspire people who want to enjoy building new skills and knowledge.

FE qualifications range from basic literacy and numeracy to higher-level apprenticeships and technical qualifications, including the new T levels, which are vocational alternatives to A levels.

FE students come from a range of backgrounds and levels of experience. People come to FE from local schools, the community, industry and local businesses.

There’s no national curriculum for FE, so courses are often tailored to meet employer needs. They’re delivered in a range of different settings, such as colleges, community centres, private training centres or workplaces.

How to become a further education teacher

The qualifications you need to become an FE teacher depend on the type of course you’d like to teach. For example, you can get qualifications in education and training, as well as qualifications in specific subjects.

You can even gain new qualifications once you start teaching.

Visit Further Education Advice or ring their support service on 0300 303 1877.

Funding for training as a further education teacher

Teacher training bursaries and grants are available for the 2021 to 2022 academic year.


Bursaries ranging from £12,000 to £26,000 are available, depending on the subject you teach:

Subject Bursary Amount
Maths £26,000
Science £26,000
Engineering £26,000
Computing £26,000
Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) £15,000
English £12,000


Grants of £18,200 are available for FE teacher training in:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in employment

Find out more

Visit Further Education Advice or ring their support service 0300 303 1877.

Find out more about further education funding.