Training to teach physical education (PE)

PE plays a vital role in promoting physical activities and a healthy lifestyle in a positive and enjoyable way for all pupils. As a PE teacher, you’ll be responsible for honing pupils’ abilities in a range of physical activities and sports – helping them to develop their personal fitness and learn important life skills.

By training to teach PE, you’ll learn a wide range of skills you can take into your new career. These range from teaching pupils about teamwork and getting involved in your placement schools’ sports teams, to learning how to manage classes during outdoor and indoor physical activities.

Once qualified, you’ll continue your professional development as you teach pupils how to plan, adapt and implement different tactics in a diverse range of team and individual games. You’ll work with young people to develop their sporting techniques, and have the chance to help them overcome sporting anxieties or a lack of fitness.

No two days will be the same. Your day-to-day teaching will cover a vast range of activities, including your favourite sports and those in which you personally excel.

In return, you’ll benefit from a competitive starting salary and fantastic opportunities for rapid career progression and pay rises.