Training to teach drama

As a drama teacher, you can help pupils discover and nurture new talents – and there’s more to that than the purely theatrical and production sides of the subject. You’ll build pupils’ confidence and improve their ability to face important life challenges such as public speaking – making drama a subject that all young people deserve to be taught to the highest standard.

There’s plenty of support available to get into teaching drama

  • once you register with us, you'll receive support from a teaching expert who will answer all your questions and assist with your application
  • Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan to cover tuition fees and help with living costs, this is irrespective of receiving these loans during your undergraduate degree 
  • extra financial support if you're a parent or have a disability, which doesn't need to be paid back 

What you need to know

You’ll teach a range of skills that show young people how to work together and collectively develop ideas. Your teacher training will help you to devise and deliver lessons that are engaging and richly educational, demonstrating the importance of drama and how it intertwines with other subjects. Find out more about choosing the best teacher training course.  

Once qualified you’ll be ensured job security, and benefit from a competitive starting salary of at least £23,720, or £29,664 in inner London. Additionally, teaching offers access to a wealth of other benefits – from a generous pension to enjoying the flexibility of school holidays, up to 13 weeks, which are unique to the profession.

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