Training to teach citizenship

If you want to be a part of shaping the future and creating informed and active citizens, citizenship teacher training is for you.

The benefits

when you register with us, you’ll receive practical advice and guidance from our team of experienced teachers via our free Teacher Training Adviser service  

Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan to cover tuition fees and help with living costs, this is irrespective of receiving these loans during your undergraduate degree 

extra financial support if you're a parent or have a disability, which doesn't need to be paid back 

What to expect 

Citizenship teachers are needed to ensure students develop knowledge of the complex, changing world in which we live and are fully aware of how they can contribute to shaping our democratic future. You'll be enabling students to increase their knowledge of democracy and government, rights and the law, and how we live together in a multicultural society.

As they progress within this subject, your students will be able to critique, evaluate, debate and make persuasive arguments. These are important skills that will transfer to future learning, and help them be successful in life and work.

Once you qualify, you’ll start on a salary of at least £24,373, or £30,480 in inner London; as your career progresses, so will your salary – teachers in leadership roles can earn on average £58,881, with many earning significantly more.