Training to teach biology

The benefits 

  • you could get a tax-free bursary of £26,000 to support your training 
  • further funding for training with a tuition fee and maintenance loan and extra financial support 
  • when you register with us, you'll receive support from a teaching expert, who will answer all your questions and assist with your application
  • great employment rates - 94% of newly qualified teachers are employed in a teaching role six months after qualifying
  • once you qualify, you’ll benefit from a competitive salary of at least £23,720, or £29,664 in inner London; as your career progresses, so will your salary – in fact, teachers in leadership roles earn on average £58,100, with many earning significantly more 
  • you could benefit from the Teachers’ Student Loan Reimbursement scheme


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What to expect 

When you teach biology, you’ll be responsible for introducing students to all manner of significant processes, from the human body to the natural world. You’ll be setting them up to succeed in a diverse range of important careers.

As a trainee biology teacher, you’ll learn the skills to plan and deliver engaging lessons that inspire the best results from your pupils. You’ll be assisted by a team of mentors and tutors, helping you become a confident and inspiring teacher. Find out more on choosing the best teacher training course. 

Enhance your subject knowledge 

If you don’t have a biology degree, or need to refresh your knowledge, you could complete a fully funded subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course before you start your training – find out more


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