Training to teach history

The benefits 

  • you could get a tax-free bursary of £12,000 
  • further funding for training with a Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loan and extra financial support 
  • when you register with us, you'll receive support from a teaching expert, who'll answer all of your questions and assist you with your application
  • great employment rates - 94% of newly qualified teachers are employed in a teaching role six months after qualifying
  • once you qualify, you’ll benefit from a competitive salary of at least £23,720, or £29,664 in inner London; as your career progresses, so will your salary – in fact, teachers in leadership roles earn on average £58,100, with many earning significantly more 

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What to expect 

A career in teaching history offers you the chance to pass on your passion and knowledge of the subject to pupils every day.

As a trainee history teacher, you’ll learn the skills needed to enhance your pupils’ understanding of British history and the world as it is today – from the events that shaped civilisations, to the historical figures that made them happen. You’ll discover how to pique students’ curiosity and help them evaluate arguments, analyse trends and appreciate the complexity of societies throughout time. Find out more about choosing the best teacher training course. 

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