Strengthen your subject knowledge

Darren Wilkinson, physics trainee

Darren Wilkinson, physics trainee

Darren Wilkinson, a trainee physics teacher, was encouraged to do a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) programme by his course leader before embarking on teacher training.

SKEs are available for candidates who may not have a degree in the subject they want to teach but who have some subject knowledge from an A level in the subject, or transferable skills obtained from work experience. They’re ideal for helping to refresh knowledge and give trainees more confidence to teach their subject.

“I was aware that I had gaps in my knowledge of physics prior to my SKE and that my knowledge may not have been strong enough to see me through the rigours of the teacher training course,” says Darren. “I was really grateful for attending the SKE course. Not only did it help with my confidence by expanding my existing knowledge, but it also enabled me to take control over my own future development and further enhance my weaker areas.”

For Darren, completing SKE was a requirement of starting his teacher training. SKE programmes can be completed before your teacher training course, or run in parallel with them. Awarded a training bursary for the duration of his SKE programme, Darren had the opportunity to really focus on his learning.

“The SKE tutors were highly experienced physics teachers, who shared their knowledge and experience with enthusiasm; they really helped me prepare for secondary teaching. I met lots of other students in the same position as me, and we are all now working through our teacher training with a much better understanding of physics. I believe I am fully equipped with the knowledge and practical tips that will undoubtedly benefit me for years to come,” he explains.

Darren goes on to say that he would definitely recommend the course, and has already made further strides with his subject knowledge through continuous learning and improvement.

“Don’t let gaps in your subject knowledge be a barrier,” he concludes. “SKE is a great way to expand your understanding, and gives you a starting point on which you can build your knowledge in physics further.”

If you think you could benefit from an SKE course, please contact your chosen teacher training provider(s) for more information before applying.