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Wahid Hamid, computing trainee

Wahida Hamid, computing trainee

As a condition of being accepted on her chosen teacher training course, Wahida needed to refresh her existing knowledge in computing so she could teach the subject with competence and confidence. She had completed a relevant degree some years ago, and her knowledge and understanding of the subject had faded over time.

Wahida started her SKE with slight apprehension, because of the time that had passed since completing her degree. There had been lots of changes to computing programs, languages, and in particular, the new computing curriculum.

“However, when I started I was pleasantly surprised at the contents of the SKE,” she explains. “I learned so much from the course. It was laid out perfectly and it brought back all my past knowledge that I learned years ago. If it wasn’t for the SKE, I don’t think that I would have been fully prepared to start my teacher training course.”

Computing SKE courses are ideal for trainees who may not have studied the subject beyond A level, or those who have gained plenty of work experience in computing rather than academic qualifications. “I loved learning about the new computing curriculum and its content. It has given me masses of confidence,” Wahida adds.

The SKE course not only refreshed and built up Wahida's knowledge, but it also provided her with the necessary skills to teach much more effectively: “The course has made me a lot more aware of how I should be delivering lessons when I begin to teach.

“I would definitely recommend the SKE course in computing to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career as a teacher and needs to develop their subject knowledge further.”

SKE course costs are fully funded. As well as paying no fees, Wahida was eligible to access a bursary while she studied. 

If you think you could benefit from an SKE course, please contact your chosen teacher training provider(s) for more information before applying.