Teacher training routes

Whether you want your training to be led by a school or a university, there’s a training course available to suit you, and you could get a tax-free bursary of £25k. You can use this section to explore the different types of teacher training. The course you choose will depend on your subject, qualifications, experience, and where you want to train. Visit our eligibility page if you want to know more about the basic requirements for becoming a teacher.

Training options

All teacher training courses will include time spent training in at least two schools and lead to qualified teacher status (QTS), so you’ll get the necessary support and training you need to succeed in the classroom. 

There are also a number of specialist training routes available depending on your subject, qualifications and previous experience. 

Upcoming events

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Train to Teach University of Cumbria

22 June 2017 15:00

This event in Lancaster will give you the chance to ask experts about your teacher training options and what it’s like to teach.


Preparing for your teacher training

05 June 2017 18:30

Have you accepted a teacher training place for September 2017? Join us to find out how you can prepare for the best possible start.

Advice for First and Second Year Undergraduates

12 June 2017 18:30

This online event is for first and second year university students interested in teaching. Find out what you can do now that will help you make a great application for teacher training.

Support with your application

19 June 2017 18:30

This online event will provide hints and tips on how to draft a great personal statement.